Mic Check 1..2..3.. Yes I’m Still Alive!

Central #MisOvejas #StraightFlexxin'

Central #MisOvejas #StraightFlexxin’

Sorry I haven’t been keeping you guys updated, but I promise I have some good excuses that you guys probably wouldn’t understand. However, I couldn’t ask to be more satisfied with how things are going over here. I have set a personal goal for myself to keep things in last gear this final stretch of my mission leaving no regrets behind. that’s mainly why I haven’t found any time to keep the blog updated. just to show you guys a glimpse of what I mean, my companion and I expecting to baptized 10 people by the end of this month and 7 of which are 2 families that we have convinced to get married which is a miracle above all miracles here in peru :))

The lord works in mysterious ways :) always missin' the fam back in las viñas

The lord works in mysterious ways 🙂 always missin’ the fam back in las viñas

From what I hear and see in my emails, it seems like everyone is doing great back home! I think a big part of that has to do with the Dallas cowboys success these past couple weeks haha but for real “How Bout Dem Cowboys?!” heckk yeahh hahaha. as always, I do love, miss and think about you guys still, I’d lie if I said a lot just bc I try to avoid the thought to keep me focused on the Lord’s work buuut every once in awhile you guys do come to mind.


mahh mainnn! sabastian

I hope y’all were able to see this past general conference last week, for the first time in the mission I listened to it in english just bc I feel like my spanish no longer needs any more fine tuning. yes I know, I myself too have no idea how I learned such good Spanish. I just tell others it’s another witness that the lord does provide the way when we exercise faith in him. But yeahh anyways much fire was spit at conference, by that I mean I felt the spirit strongly through their inspiring words. My personal favorites were “Am I good Enough?” by J. Devn Cornish and “Joy and Spiritual Survival” by Russell M. Nelson.

Well I’ve gotta get back to the grind and organizing/making sure my “sheep” stay in line. Ohhh what a blessing it is to learn how to care for so many others and even for them that don’t want to be cared for at such a young age :))) the learning never stops.

que tenga una muuy buena semana lleno de recuerdos y auun día nos veremos. ?

Elder Manzanera

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