Missionary Work

Most people aren’t aware of what missionaries sacrifice due to the strict guidelines they must follow. When people ask me where I am going to college and I tell them I am going on a two year mission they’re always like “Ohh ok sounds like fun”. Then I proceed to respond with “Yeah I won’t be able to see or talk to my friends, family or bring any sort of electronic device with me”. Their jaw drops and they immediately become extremely curious. By the end of our conversation the “sounds like fun” turns into “You guys are crazy! Idk how you guys do it, but good luck out there”.


I am reporting live from my grandmas kitchen refreshing my social media feeds and jamming out to some Taylor swift like a basic Mormon. I say that because I’m far from a missionary atmosphere, but I hope this will help you understand a little bit more how the missionary process works and what we do.


First off any worthy member of our church can go on a mission. Girls have to be between the age of 19-25 and they serve for a period of 18 months, guys can be between the age of 18-25 and they serve for 24 months. If you and your family doesn’t have the funds to pay for your mission the church will make up the difference. You have a series of interviews with your bishop and then if he feels you are ready, he notifies the stake president. You then have a more in depth interview with the stake president and if he feels you are worthy he submits your paper work to the headquarters in Salt Lake. One of the apostles then pray about you and receive revelation on where you will serve you mission. They mail you a letter 2-4 weeks later informing you where you will be serving your mission.

Usually missionaries have a 3 month waiting period until they leave. During that time you are supposed to be gathering all the necessities you will need. The letter they sent you will give you a list of everything. We get two suitcases to cram all of our stuff into for the next two years, if you personally know me I can barely fit what I need to go spend the night at a friends in one suitcase so this is going extremely challenge for me. The check list mostly consist of white shirts, ties, slacks, suites ext… (crossing my fingers for spare room so I can stuff some whataburger in there or something :P)


Once you’re all set, you head to the airport where you will see all your family and friends for the last time for the next two years. Depending on circumstances of your mission you are shipped of to the missionary training center. They teach you the bare minimum you will need in the field there which can last anywhere between 1-6 weeks. In my case 6 weeks since I will be learning a foreign language.


We are all then packed into a black-hawk helicopter and we rappel down with book of Mormons strapped to our ghillie suites into the field hehe lol jk I wish, that’s kinda what it seems like just with a spiritual twist. Once we get to our mission we are assigned a companion that you must be with at all times for the next couple months.  Typically you live in a apartment with each other on rare occasions you might have another pair of missionaries living with you. The church rotates your companion and the areas you serve in your mission every couple months. You get one day “off” out of the week usually it’s a Monday and they call that you P-day. Usually on this day you do you laundry, grocery shopping, emailing and do fun activities with other missionaries. Other than that this is what your typical day looks like.


6:30 a.m. Arise, pray, exercise (30 minutes), and prepare for the day.
7:30 a.m. Breakfast.
8:00 a.m. Personal study: the Book of Mormon, other scriptures, doctrines of the missionary lessons, and other chapters fromPreach My Gospel, the Missionary Handbook, and theMissionary Health Guide.
9:00 a.m. Companion study: share what you have learned during personal study, prepare to teach, practice teaching, study chapters from Preach My Gospel, confirm plans for the day.
10:00 a.m. Begin proselyting. Missionaries learning a language study that language for an additional 30 to 60 minutes, including planning language learning activities to use during the day.Missionaries may take an hour for lunch and additional study, and an hour for dinner at times during the day that fit best with their proselyting. Normally dinner should be finished no later than 6:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m. Return to living quarters (unless teaching a lesson; then return by 9:30) and plan the next day’s activities (30 minutes). Write in journal, prepare for bed, pray.
10:30 p.m. Retire to bed.

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